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Taking Control of Your Virginia Beach HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Systems

While sudden problems in your home’s most vital systems may be impossible to predict, they are not impossible to prevent. Our team at American Mechanical wants you to feel secure in your heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems, which is why we have devised a Home Care Agreement that includes the maintenance and inspections of these systems for the full year.

For a period of twelve months (from date of purchase), American Mechanical will provide you with plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical maintenance to ensure your home is safe, efficient, and comfortable.

Benefits of our Home Care Membership plan include:

  • Priority scheduling
  • 24-hour response times
  • No charge for diagnostic fees during regular business hours
  • A 15% discount off all services and repairs
  • Reminders to schedule your next service

For any questions about our Home Care Membership plan, please call (757) 347-8549 or send us a message online.

Financing Your Home Improvement Projects

Our team never wants you to miss out on essential home services because you are afraid of the cost, which is why we offer qualifying individuals the option to finance their annual Home Care Membership. Our membership plans start off at $389, but those with qualifying credit scores can finance their plan for monthly payments as low as $35 per month.

For larger home improvement projects, our team has partnered with Hearth and Wells Fargo to provide financing options to individuals with approved credit. Check out our financing page to discover if you qualify.

Details of Our Agreement

We offer a Home Care Agreement for each of the systems in which American Mechanical specializes, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. These systems have their own set of requirements and need to be assessed individually. Our package covers every area of concern within these systems.

HVAC Home Care

Two visits for your HVAC unit, typically performed before summer or winter seasons. (Based on seasonality) This includes a visual inspection of all components, safety switches, wheels, coils, belts, pulleys, motor, bearings, relays and contactors. controls and capacitors. Unit wiring will be inspected and tightened, temperatures and pressures checked and recorded, thermostat calibration, and duct work checks for leaks and proper insulation. (Cost covers one HVAC unit. Additional units can be added on for $15.75 additional monthly cost for our monthly membership plan, or an additional $189.00 for annual sign up.)

Plumbing Home Care

Visual inspection of all plumbing components (commodes, faucets, drains and shut-off valves) Checking water heater connections, piping, valves and proper operations and absence of leaks. We will tag all shut off valves and educate you on how to secure your water (main, gas if applicable, hot water supply and hose bibs) as well as drain sediment from your water heater to extend life expectancy.

Electrical Home Care

Thorough visual inspection of your entire electrical system to include your electrical panel ARC fault protection, meter base, house grounding system, main service cable termination, metering devices and surge protectors. Check wiring for proper sizing, tighten loose electrical connections and spot checking of outlets and switches for proper operation.

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Membership Terms and Agreement:

This membership is a contract for a twelve month term. This membership is non-refundable. **membership does not cover after hours fees or generator diagnostic.

American Mechanical Peak HVAC Service Partner Plan:

A program designed to reduce your utility and repair costs and ensure maximum comfort levels in your home. We have developed a customized program that addresses the problems we see most often. The comprehensive service and maintenance agreement we offer is designed to keep your HVAC unit running at optimum efficiency. $189.00 per HVAC unit.

Services Provided to You:

Two (2) HVAC Maintenance visits within a 12 month calendar period. The office will call to schedule your visits, we'll call and remind you, not to worry!


  • Condenser coil fins will be checked.
  • Evaporator coil will be inspected.
  • Blower wheels will be inspected.
  • Refrigerant charge will be checked by super-heat/ sub-cooling method.
  • Air filter will be replaced (if customer provides at time of visit.)
  • Belts and pulleys inspected and adjusted.
  • Motor and bearings inspected.
  • Thermostat checked and calibrated.
  • Relays and contactors inspected.
  • Controls and safety devices will be inspected and cleaned.
  • Capacitors will be tested.
  • Condensate drain will be checked to assure proper drainage.
  • Unit wiring inspected, loose connections tightened.
  • Temperatures and pressures checked and recorded.
  • Duct work checked for leaks and proper insulation.
  • All electrical components inspected.


Heat pumps will receive all the above mentioned services plus:

  • Defrost timer will be checked.
  • Reversing valve will be operationally checked.
  • Auxiliary heat strips will be checked.


  • Heat exchanger inspected for cracks or deterioration.
  • Air filter replaced (if provided by customer on site.)
  • Burners will be cleaned.
  • Thermocouple inspected and tested.
  • Fan switch checked and adjusted as needed.
  • Safety controls checked.
  • Blower wheel inspected.
  • Gas line leak checked from furnace shut off valve to the burners.
  • Combustion air openings will be checked.
  • Flue pipe inspected.
  • Thermostat checked and calibrated as needed.
  • Temperatures and pressures will be recorded.

American Mechanical can also perform maintenance service on geothermal units, mini-splits, forced water systems and package units.

This membership purchase includes priority emergency service scheduling, (within 24-48 business hours of your service request) a 10% discount off of all Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and Generator repairs. (Discount is not applicable to Diagnostic Fees, only Repairs.) This is a contract for a term of twelve months from purchase date and will not renew. This membership is non-refundable. This membership is transferable to new homeowners, but cannot transfer service locations. For an ever bigger service discount, ask about our monthly membership packages that don't expire and lock in your membership pricing for a low monthly investment.

Call our Virginia Beach HVAC, plumbing, and electrical technicians today at (757) 347-8549 to eliminate worry and take control over your home’s most important mechanical systems.

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