Why Chesapeake HVAC Systems Work Better With Maintenance Plans


According to statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, about 87 percent of all U.S. households have air conditioning systems, but only about 42 of those with central air regularly have them serviced.

If your Chesapeake air conditioning is working but you haven’t done anything to your air conditioning units lately, you might wonder why people use a professional to maintain their air conditioning systems. The short answer is that you have probably been a little lucky that you’re not having problems. The longer answer is that there are several reasons people prefer to use heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals for maintenance on their units.

The most important is because most people don’t feel comfortable handling the complicated and regulated equipment by themselves. The refrigeration and electrical wiring and connections involved in some HVAC systems is risky for homeowners to attempt on their own, which is why professionals who do this type of work must be certified. When people don’t know what to look for or what to do with their Chesapeake HVAC systems, they leave it up to the professionals.

Another reason that many area residents seek Chesapeake HVAC professionals is that they know that the longer the heating and air conditioning system goes without service, the dirtier and more run down it gets. A regular inspection and cleaning will make your HVAC system last longer and run more efficiently.

Changing some of the machine’s parts can make it more energy efficient. A grille change, for example, can be done properly by a professional and have the desired effects.

Leaks develop in the system that are hard to detect. When a professional Chesapeake HVAC company performs the inspection, they can detect and fix the leaks. If refrigerants need to be released during maintenance and repair, the proper equipment will be used as required by law.

When air conditioning and heating systems are working, people tend to forget about them a little bit, maybe take them for granted. It’s when the systems break down and need to be replaced due to hard wear and neglect that the issue of maintenance usually comes up. If you take the time now to get into a regular maintenance plan for your air conditioning or HVAC system instead of waiting for a problem to develop, your system will last longer and function more efficiently.