Home Generator Installation Versus Portable Generators


Louise Gordon, vice president of operations here at American Mechanical, recently appeared on The Hampton Roads Show, a morning regional TV talk show. Since we are in the midst of hurricane season, she shared some of the main reasons why people inVirginia Beach,Virginia and the surrounding Hampton Roads area may be interested in generator installation and what the main differences are between portable generators and home generators.

She explained the many differences between portable generators and home generators. Here are a few highlights:

Portable Generators
Portable generators are a temporary fix when the power goes out. They are situated outdoors and typically run on a gas-based fuel. This requires constant supervision. Someone has to go outside and add fuel, start it and check on it regularly to make sure it’s running properly. When the fuel runs out, someone has to go back outside and refill the gas tank. Items need to be plugged into the generator, and it’s up to the user to determine the capacity and how long to run it.

Home Generators
Home generator installation connects a number of home systems into a standby generator, which is powered by propane or natural gas. The homeowner chooses beforehand which systems will be powered by the home generator in the event of a power outage, such as heating and cooling systems, the refrigerator and perhaps the hot water heater. Other items, such as the computer, TV and medical oxygen tank systems, can be supplemented as well. When the power goes out due to a hurricane, ice storm or local mishap, the transition is nearly unnoticeable. The home generator must be installed by a certified electrician and provides convenience and peace of mind, especially during a busy hurricane season.

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