Problems That Require Attention From A Plumber


The plumbing in a Chesapeake home is one of the most important systems in the entire building. Everything from clean dishes and sanitation to cold drinking water relies on pipes and equipment that is in good working condition. Professional plumbers are able to perform maintenance and repairs on the piping, fixtures and other components inside of a home so that everything will remain working for decades to come. There are some basic problems that might seem minor but that should actually be examined by a license professional as soon as possible.

Insufficient Water Pressure
Sudden or gradual changes in water pressure sometimes go unreported by homeowners because it is assumed that the issue has to do with the municipal water supply. This is not normally the case. Reductions in pressure could be caused by problems deep in the plumbing of the home that a professional will be able to identify and repair. This could involve installing a new component or simply repairing a few pipe fittings. Dramatic drops in water pressure could signal issues that will eventually cause damage to the house and flooding.

Problems with Hot Water
The hot water heater and the system that brings the hot liquids to the various faucets in the home can become damaged or inefficient over time. A professional plumber will be able to restore these systems to normal working order. The process is complex and there are many different areas where a problem could occur. Installation of bladder systems, adjustments to the heating unit and electric wiring repairs are all actions that a plumber will be able to take in order to restore hot water to the home.

Slow Or Clogged Drains
One mistake that many people make with plumbing in Chesapeake homes is to ignore drains that are moving slowly. The buildup of materials in the pipes is a common cause for this issue. Harmful chemical drain cleaners are not the answer and will actually make repairs by a plumber more difficult to perform. Slow drains are sometimes a sign that there is a clog, broken junction or other problem in the more critical areas of the plumbing lines in the house. Only a professional will be able to accurately diagnose and repair the drain.

Strange Noises
Strange and consistent noises related to the use of faucets, toilets or tubs should never be ignored. Banging, gurgling or rushing noises indicate that somewhere there is a problem with the plumbing. The problem will not go away without maintenance from a knowledgeable plumber. There are even some situations where long-term damage is caused by air that slowly rusts pipes resulting in burst lines that will flood an entire room or basement.