Generator Installation Saves Local Businesses From Power Outage Losses


During this time of year, Hampton Roads has plenty of rainstorms. Although we have discussed the use of home generators, many businesses are also affected by power outages sometimes with disastrous effects. Whether it’s a tropical storm passing through or a strong thunderstorm that knocks out the power so that people can’t cook at home, local residents tend to stop for dinner at the nearest restaurant or order out for delivery.

If you own a restaurant in Hampton Roads, consider how important it is to have functioning power and air conditioning this time of year. When the power goes out, many local restaurants prefer to have a backup generator in place so that their businesses can stay open and serve local customers without power. Generator installation for local businesses, especially restaurants, is not only a convenience, but an investment expense that can pay for itself quickly by preventing loss of business in the days after a hurricane or hours after a severe storm.

Restaurants without power during a storm will likely lose the ability to ring up the register, cook and refrigerate food, heat water and provide enough lighting so that customers passing by can see that they are open.

Some phone systems operate via electricity, so a power outage is also a risk in dropping incoming calls and failing to receive faxes. Immediate power from a generator eliminates these problems.

There are many different types of generators available with varying capacities. American Mechanical’s professional generator maintenance, installation and repair technicians can help business owners to determine the most practical type for their premises. While a generator can’t keep a business open during a hurricane or tropical storm, it can keep the doors open for business after the storm has passed and in the days following when many residents are without power. Generator installation can also prevent hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of losses in food and perishables that would otherwise spoil or overheat and have to be thrown away due to lack of refrigeration or air conditioning.

For more information about how your business can benefit from back-up generator installation, contact American Mechanical.