Why is my garbage disposal not working?


Reasons why your garbage disposal gets jammed

There are many reasons for a garbage disposal to become jammed. Identifying the type of problem will lead to the possibilities of reasons for the disposal to jam.
Unusual noises often signify garbage disposal jams. Such noises include clicking, rattling or loud repetitive popping. If these sounds occur, there are foreign objects lodged within the machine. Other noises, such as squealing, should be diagnosed by a professional at once.

When water drains too slowly, or not at all, this may be the result of a jam. Food particles can accumulate in the grinding chamber and result in odor from the food buildup. This is caused by not using a sufficient amount of water during and after disposer use. Some fibrous or elastic foods tend to roll around rather than grind up. In both instances, this buildup or blockage can reduce or halt the flow of drainage.

Some jams can result in the garbage disposal is not working at all. If the reset button is protruding, the disposal overload protector will need to be reset. Since garbage disposals run on electricity, there is the possibility of a blown fuse. In this case, check the electrical panel for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. If the motor feels warm to the touch, it more than likely overheated and shut itself off. After it has cooled, it will need to be reset. Small inappropriate items may become lodged between the impeller blades resulting with the problem of a jammed flywheel. Impeller blades may become dirty from rust or mineral deposits building up over time. Another reason for the disposal to not work is a jammed grind ring.

In some cases the disposal may not turn off. This can result from different things depending on the type of disposal it is. If the disposal has a short cord, it may be plugged into an improper outlet. If moving the cord to a different outlet does not solve the problem, the disposal may have a fault in the electrical system. If the disposal is a batch feed or is hard wired, it is programmed to automatically shut itself off after 15 to 20 minutes.

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