5 Tips to Preserve Plumbing Pipes and Fixtures


If you have a home in Hampton Roads, you may find yourself with occasional plumbing issues. While this is common for an area close to or below sea level, there are several ways to prevent clogs, burst pipes and plumbing problems caused by other issues. A little bit of planning and prevention can go a long way. Try some of these tips to improve the efficiency and life span of your Hampton Roads plumbing pipes and fixtures.

Pipe Insulation
Insulate the water pipes under your house. If they are wrapped, they are less likely to freeze and burst in extreme cold weather. If you are concerned about pipes during freezing weather, consider letting your faucets drip slightly if the temperature drops below 20 degrees F, especially at nighttime.

Consider installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. If you don’t have a compost pile in the back yard, a disposal will lower the amount of leftover food and table scraps in your garbage and prevent unwanted debris from sneaking through the sink drain and pipes.

Avoid putting hot or cold grease down the kitchen sink. If it is unavoidable, be sure to mix it with very hot soapy water and a liquid dish soap that cuts grease to reduce the chances it will harden and block the pipes underground.

Washing Machine
Run balanced loads in the washing machine. Unbalanced weight in the washer’s basket causes some models to vibrate during the spin or rinse cycle. Washing machines that move can loosen or damage plumbing connections and nearby water pipes, creating leaks.

Most children go through a phase of fascination with water. Whether it’s flushing Lego’s down the toilet or perhaps hand towels, clogs sometimes seen inevitable. If your youngster is in this phase, consider a toilet seat lock if talking about it is unsuccessful.

When you do have problems despite your best efforts, call a reliable Hampton Roads plumbing contractor to fix the problem or make repairs.