Electricians Shed Light on Backyard Pool and Deck Areas


If you’ve been using your outdoor pool to cool off during the recent heat wave in Hampton Roads, you might be disappointed when the sun goes down and it’s dark in your back yard. Swimming in the dark can be intriguing for some, but a question of safety for others. Enjoying the cooler evening weather on your deck is another way to enjoy the summer nights of Hampton Roads. There are several options to brighten up the pool and deck areas of your back yard. Overhead lighting, security lights and lighting on the side are just a few. A qualified Hampton Roads electrician can offer insight to the best type or layout and handle the installation quickly and efficiently.

Here are just a few ways that electrical lighting in your backyard can enhance outdoor living areas.

Put up backyard lighting around your deck or pool to extend the hours of enjoyment. If you’re cooking out on the grill or roasting marshmallows afterwards, it’s easier to do it when you can see the food.
Lighting up the back yard is helpful for those whose eyesight or night vision is not what it used to be. It improves safety for evening swimmers and makes it easier for adults watching kids in the pool to see them in the water and make sure that they’re safe.
Security lights are an added bonus for those with a comfortable backyard deck, a hot tub or a swimming pool to make sure there are no unwanted or uninvited guests.
Be sure to have a qualified Hampton Roads electrician handle the installation of backyard electrical lighting so that the work is up to code and enhances your backyard enjoyment.