Why Won't my Generators Start?


You most likely don’t think about your standby generator too often until a power outage. If your standby generator will not start or turn on, you may be experiencing any of the following problems:


All standby generators are equipped with a high temperature light to warn when your generator is too hot and may shut down due to overheating. If the high temperature light is illuminated, turn the generator off, remove the oil cap, and pour approximately one quart of approved motor oil into your unit.

Tripped Circuit

Sometimes your generator may not start for a fairly simple reason a tripped circuit. Check your circuit breaker to verify if your generator tripped a circuit.

Not Level

In order to run properly and avoid automatic cut-offs a standby generator needs to be installed and stored on a level surface.

Fuel Valve Is Off

Your generator’s fuel valve may occasionally switch to the off position. When this happens, simply turn the valve on!

Low Coolant Levels

Low coolant levels may lead your standby generator to malfunction. If your coolant levels are low check for any leaks in fuel lines or inspect the oil for signs of color change or a milky texture.

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