What Size Generator Do I Need?


If you have ever been without power for more than a few hours or you are looking to have protection in case of power failure emergencies, it is a good idea to install a generator—particularly in hurricane-prone Virginia Beach! Purchasing the right size generator will ensure that you can power all the necessary appliances in your home and keep your whole home comfortable during a power failure.

What Size Generator Should I Purchase?

What size generator you buy will depend on how much you wish to power in the event that the power goes out. GENERAC generators help take the guesswork out of sizing, with their Guardia Series generator systems. These generators make it easy by providing circuits that get connected to specific areas in the home. The 8 kW system has 10 circuits that could power the following:

  • Lights and television in the main area
  • Lights and two appliances in the kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Power for small bathroom appliances
  • A computer and office
  • The garage door
  • Your air conditioner or furnace

If you need more power you can always bundle a generator with different GENERAC Nexus options.

Professional Generator Sizing and Installation

The best way to determine the right size generator is to contact professionals that deal with GENERAC maintenance, installation, repair and sales. A professional installer can help you come up with an alternate power solution, that will make sure your home stays comfortable when the power fails.

By choosing the right generator you will be prepared to meet your power needs no matter what situation arises. American Mechanical can help.

With the recent increase of unexplained severe weather and even earthquakes in our area, generator installation in Virginia Beach has become a more compelling option than ever before.

At American Mechanical, we’re proud to sell and install Generac generators, including residential standby generators as well as portable generators.

As one of the most trusted names in standby power, we believe that Generac generators are the most efficient models in the industry, and we can help you determine the right generator for your needs. Call American Mechanical to get a free estimate for your generator installation.