Two Year Labor Warranty


Hampton Roads Homeowners, rejoice! American Mechanical now offers a TWO YEAR warranty on new HVAC installations – on top of the 10 year manufacturer’s warranty offered by TRANE. That’s the American Difference.

Besides the wonderful low-risk warranty protection, April is already a great time to replace your old and tired HVAC system. Not only is the weather more mild (even in Hampton Roads, this holds true), but there are a few months left before summer gets underway. It’s important to get started on such a project before the weather becomes unbearable.

Imagine that you’ve put off replacing your HVAC unit too long, and it’s 95 degrees outside. Your old unit will pick just such a day to finally circulate it’s last breath of cold air, and you’ll be in trouble then.

At American Mechanical, Inc, our HVAC technicians are ready and waiting to replace your HVAC unit in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Newport News, Portsmouth, Willisamsburg, Hampton and beyond!

Call us this spring to guarantee a smooth process for all involved. You won’t have to suffer through Hades-Hot heat, our techs will be able to give you their undivided attention for as long as you require and you might even save a couple bucks! That’s the benefit to planning ahead and purchasing your new HVAC unit during the ‘off’ season.

A new TRANE HVAC unit is more than a device for keeping your home temperate. It’s an investment, and a smart one. Go American today & save on labor and warranty!

American Mechanical is a licensed TRANE Dealer, meaning that we are authorized to install and service TRANE HVAC units. We only offer our customers the best, because we care about quality. And because we value honesty, you can trust American Mechanical to always provide you with a fair and honest price for any work performed.

If you’re not satisfied with our service, please let us know when you are contacted afterwards by Rodger or Stacey, in what we affectionately refer to as our “Happy Calls.” Your feedback is important for our business to grow and improve, and if you were anything less than pleased with your service, we want the chance to make it up to you.

Go American & Discover the Difference.