Please Have Patience With Our Technicians


American Mechanical, Incorporated has a fleet of over 40 beautifully wrapped vehicles traveling on highways and streets throughout Hampton Roads on a daily basis! We appreciate the honking of the horns and kind gestures we get from all those who see our vehicles!

All of our vehicles are equipped with surveillance equipment to monitor their speed and reactions while driving. Our technicians are some of the safest drivers on the road today in this area. For the most part, they are going to or from an appointment. Please be patient with them as their speed is monitored continually and they do everything in their power to avoid situations where rapid breaking is needed (some of the vehicles weigh over 7,000 pounds) or rapid acceleration (to get out of the way from angry drivers) . Our vehicles are continually maintained in top condition and we have the finest technicians in the business today! We want them to be safe when they are out there! We “thank you” for your patience with them and we welcome any comments and constructive criticisms in areas that need improvement.

Contact American Mechanical with any questions, comments or recommendations! We are here because of you!