What's Your Score?


At American Mechanical, we know your HVAC system from the inside out, and we can sense when something is not right. Unfortunately, trouble seldom strikes at a convenient time (like when your American Mechanical HVAC technician is present).

That’s why we’ve created this guide, for your HVAC system, so you can spot trouble before it forms and give us a call. People, Trust, Value: American Mehcanical, Inc.

1. My HVAC system is on but not working. The problem could be:

A. A dirty filter.
B. A broken sensor.
C. A clogged drain.
D. Low refrigerant.

2. Help! The unit isn’t even turning on! The problem could be:

A. The thermostat.
B. Electrical control failure.
C. Tripped breaker box.
D. Faulty wiring.

3. My HVAC system is frozen. The problem could be:

A. Insufficient air flow across evaporator coil.
B. Low on Freon.
C. Running AC in environment cooler than 60 degrees.
D. Mechanical failure (kink in lines, unbalanced blower fan, clogged filter dryer).

4. I want to warm up but my HVAC system is blowing cold. The problem could be:

A. Refrigerant related.
B. Weather related.
C. Compressor related.
D. User error: running unit on AC mode mistakenly.

5. It sounds like my sneakers in the dryer, but it’s the HVAC! The problem could be:

A. Electrical system.
B. A Fan belt.
C. Refrigerant related.
D. Debris in the system.

It’s pretty tough to fail this quiz, because all of the answers are correct! There are numerous reasons that your HVAC unit might act up, and numerous causes for trouble. If your HVAC system is exhibiting any of the symptoms above, then it’s time to contact American Mechanical in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News and the surrounding Hampton Roads area. We know just what to do.