Put a Filter on It


If you’re looking to stay cool this summer, you’ve come to the right place. At American Mechanical, Inc., we consider it our mission to keep the residents of Hampton Roads cool, comfortable and happy through the sweltering summer months. If we can help you save some money, too, well that’s just a bonus!

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We talk a lot about HVAC systems here at American Mechanical, about why you need one, how they work and when they need maintenance. The best tip we can give is really the simplest: protect your HVAC.

Just as your car occasionally needs to be washed, so too does your HVAC unit. The dirtier it is, the less air can flow through it. Neglecting to properly protect the unit can allow it to fall into disrepair much sooner than it would have if maintained, and that’s just a shame. Check out our tips and tricks for keeping your HVAC unit clean, clear and happy.

  1. Check it monthly. Cars need oil changes, HVAC units need new filters. Even if it doesn’t need to be changed every month, just take a look and stay aware of the situation.
  2. Make smart choices. When it is time to replace the air filter, make sure you choose the correct one. There are many options: MERV 1-4 (minimal filtration), MERV 5-8 (medium), MERV 9-12 (high efficiency for allergies, pet dander, etc.), MERV 13-16 (medical & commercial grade) and MERV 17-20 (HEPA). The MERV 5 – 8 is likely ideal for your home but consult with American Mechanical in regards to your specific unit and it’s unique needs.
  3. Schedule a yearly tune-up with American Mechanical. Our home care agreement makes it easy, and bundles all of your home appliances in at a bargain. One low yearly cost keeps your home running smoothly. Why wouldn’t you sign up?!
  4. Set a programmable thermostat. The consistent temperature will regulate and even out the energy usage of your HVAC system.
  5. Don’t make it work so hard. Close the blinds and shades, and turn on the fan to augment your HVAC system’s hard work.
  6. Clean up the area around the unit regularly. Keep it clear of debris, brush, leaves, etc. HVACs don’t like clutter.

We live in a technologically advanced age, and as we spend more and more time inside (90% of our time!) the quality of air inside our homes becomes more and more important. Indoor air can be up to 5 times as contaminated as that outdoors, and it’s continually cycled through your house. Trust us, it’s worth it to change the air filter.

Contact American Mechanical today to have your HVAC system checked, serviced and maintained. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about HVACs, our home care agreement and upgrading your system to a newer model.

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