Benefits of Generac


Back in late September, Hampton Roads was thrown into a tizzy over Hurricane Matthews and throughout October, we dealt with the fallout. A lot of folks were left without power for days, even weeks.

Not only is it frustrating to go without power, it can also get expensive – you can’t cook, so you end up going out. You have no hot water so you may end up caving and getting a hotel room just to take a shower!

We at American Mechanical, Inc. feel your pain. We want to help.

That’s why we are licensed and authorized Generac dealers. As the very best in residential and commercial standby generators, you can rest easy knowing Generac’s got your back. We wouldn’t recommend any less.

Whether you need to power life-saving machinery, keep your family warm or maintain commercial freezer temperatures, American Mechanical & Generac are there for you. Your home or business are important, and your family or employees likewise. A Generac generator is an investment in success, a step to lessen risk.

When the winds begin to blow and the thunder begins to roll over the waves, shores and cities of Hampton Roads, you know who to call.

Go American & Discover the Difference.