Gas Log Safety


Installing a set of gas logs is not a do-it-yourself task! If installed incorrectly, gas logs can leak gas or carbon monoxide into your home, or fill your room with soot. If you own a set of gas logs a carbon monoxide detector is a must to avoid a dangerous situation. Here are some other tips for safe operation of gas logs:

  • Never throw anything into gas logs. The foreign object melts or coats the burner and it can become clogged and create greater production of soot and inefficient burning or heating. Never roast marshmallows or cook over gas logs!
  • Ensure your gas logs come equipped with a safety pilot. A safety pilot eliminates the leak hazard by shutting off the gas when there is no flame.
  • Ensure your set of gas logs are ANSI-certified.
  • Never allow children to play with gas logs.

Call American Mechanical for more information and to allow one of our professionals install the gas logs for you! You can rest assured the “job is done right the first time” as you enjoy the flickering light of your gas logs during this holiday season.