5 Tips For Hiring An HVAC Or Plumbing Professional


If you ever need an EXCELLENT plumber, electrician or HVAC service you can count on American Mechanical! Our sole mission is to give the highest quality workmanship from professionals you can trust! Here are some other things to keep in mind when hiring a professional:

Number 1 – Always ask for the price up front after the representative has demonstrated to you the service he will provide. Expect to get a breakdown of what is included in the price given and make sure that the labor is included in the price to complete the repair. Most homeowners are not experts on home services and in many cases feel uninformed about how much they should pay for services given when needed. Make sure the service provider approaches you with a positive attitude as this builds TRUST.

Number 2 – Always use the services of a company that has a solid reputation for TRUST. Be sure to check the service providers out thoroughly with the Better Business Bureau and all available reviews on the company! Are they TRUSTWORTHY, honest and conduct their business with integrity?

Number 3 – Be sure the service provider responds back to your request in a prompt manner. Choose a company that is responsive to your request! Requests may be submitted by telephone, e-mail transmission, online requests or through a call center. Include the method for response for the service provider whether it be by telephone, e-mail transmission or by text message, if preferred. Response time will give you a very good idea of how the service provider will perform in the future!

Number 4 – Expect the service professional to be upfront about the expected completion date. Your time is VALUABLE! Expect the service provider to give you a realistic date on the time of completion of the service provided. Further, you can expect the service provider to keep you well informed of the status of the service request and the time the service will be completed.

Number 5 – Expect the service provider to provide a guarantee or warranty on the service request once the task is complete! By issuing a guarantee for the work performed, you can be confident that the service provider will stand behind the work performed once completed.