Tips On Lowering Electric Bill During Winter


Winter time is a time when people use a lot of electricity. This is the time of year when electric bill are the highest. In some states bills were passed to increase rates of electrical usage. People wonder about if there are ways to reduce their electric bills. There are several ways that a home owner can reduce electric bills.

Air Leak Checking

The first thing that should be done is to check areas where cold air finds its way into your home. A special temperature sensor can work to find those areas, but you can also use senses Carefully monitor temperature changes with your hands. Windows are the most common area that cold air will leak in. Use your hands to feel any cold spots or slight br near windows. Weather stripping is good to use on the windows along with a window insulation kit. It is made of clear plastic sheets that you put over windows that air leaks in at or just put it on all the windows. Place door sweeps on doors where air is coming in underneath.

It is an easy to do kit. The only tools required are scissors, measuring tape and blow dryer. The furnace uses gas to heat up you home along with electricity to power the blower motor and other electronic components in the furnace. Furnaces these days use more electricity because of those mother boards and circuits.

One other thing that comes with the isolation kit is the foam insulation that is shaped to fit behind the electrical sockets. Air can seep in pass the electrical sockets and socket plates. The foam fits behind the socket plates. When air leaks are fixed, the heat will stay in the home a lot longer. This will reduce the amount of times that the furnace will cycle on and off.


Having insulation between the walls of the home will help keep heat in. Insulation can be installed without removing sheet rock. A small hole is made and insulation is injected into the walls. The attic is also a good place for insulation.

Turn Thermostat Down

One other way to cut down on electrical use this time of year is to turn down the thermostat. The average setting in winter is usually 75 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Train your body to get used to a temperature of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Lowering the thermostat will also help reduce the cycle times that the furnace will run.

Lowering the thermostat even two degrees will save on money. Turn off lights when leaving any rooms. Avoid space heaters. They draw a lot of current and can raise the electric bill by $30 extra dollars a month.