Backup Generator Installation in Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake Generator Maintenance to Keep Your Lights On

As our aging power grid becomes more unstable and our power demands continually increase, rolling blackouts and longer power outages are only going to become more and more commonplace. That’s not a good thing when our homes are only becoming more and more dependent on a consistent supply of electricity. From lighting to see to data centers that control our devices to smart home technology, everything depends on having a consistent and stable supply of power that we’ve become more and more dependent on. Even a short outage could create serious complications that take considerable time to resolve. So why stress or live in fear of a power outage when you could do something to protect your home and keep your lights on when one happens.

At American Mechanical, we offer a wide selection of Chesapeake emergency standby generators that can get you the power you need to keep your lights on and devices running in a power outage. Powered by natural gas, these generators are small, quiet, energy-efficient, and completely automatic. As long as your gas utility connection remains active, your generator can continue to power you with enough electricity to get by for days at a time. This small investment can help you keep your ability to see, preserve your food in your refrigerator or freezer, and even keep your internet connection active for continual data transfer. When you work from home or depend on equipment at home, this type of security or backup power could make all the difference when it comes to getting the work you need done.

Interested in installing a backup generator for your home? Call American Mechanical at (757) 347-8549 today to request a quote and find out how you could benefit from one of these systems.

Do I Need a Backup Generator?

Backup generators are quickly becoming one of the most popular upgrades or additions to many homes. Standby generators are extremely low-maintenance, discreet, quiet, and reliable, making them a true joy to run. Plus, unlike many other generator systems that are loud, emit toxic fumes, and require you to continually fuel them with gasoline, these systems constantly sit at the ready for the moment you need them. No more fumbling with engines that won’t start or potentially dangerous electrical connections in order to get the power into your home.

Backup generators can keep any of the following up and running:

  • Electric lights
  • Cell phone chargers
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Routers and modems
  • Datacenters
  • Cooking appliances

When the power goes out, a backup generator can keep most of your home up and running as if nothing was wrong. You may not have access to your heating and cooling system and likewise some of your larger appliances may not work. However, they can generally provide you with enough power to continue your life as normal for quite a while in the event of an extended outage. We strongly recommend working with one of our highly-trained experts to choose the backup generator size that’s right for you and your goals—picking too small of a generator could hinder you in an outage, and that’s the last thing you want.

Maintenance Service to Keep Your Generator Working

Because you never know when disaster might strike, it’s important to ensure your generator is always in good shape. At American Mechanical, we offer comprehensive annual maintenance programs for all brands and sizes of generators.

Our annual generator maintenance agreement includes:

  • Finding and repair of any small issues
  • Thorough check of the entire system
  • Inspection for cracks, wear, or malfunctioning sensors
  • Monitoring generator engine load
  • 24-hour priority emergency services
  • Preventative repairs to keep issues small and inexpensive
  • Discounted rates for services charges and repairs
  • First-response in the event of a system malfunction or power outage

Don’t let a power outage catch you by surprise. With regular generator tune-ups in Norfolk, you can rest assured you’ll have the energy to power through any storm. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure you receive quality generator services. With our lights out quality, you'll never have to worry about the lights turning off!

Learn more about bringing backup generator technology into your home; get an estimate for your installation by contacting American Mechanical today.

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