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You’ve purchased a brand new, high-efficiency air conditioning system, and yet your first energy bill comes in and you notice that it’s no lower than it was before. In fact, your home really doesn’t feel any cooler than it was before either. What gives? The answer: you probably have air ducts that are falling apart, leaving gaps, holes, and other points for the produced cold air to escape. Believe it or not, the average American home loses anywhere from 25 to as much as 40 percent of all conditioned air through your duct network. That’s a huge drain on your wallet! All it takes is a few small holes placed throughout your duct network and your HVAC equipment will suddenly feel dull and ineffective, if it feels like it’s even working at all.

At American Mechanical, Inc., we offer a solution to your duct inefficiency problems: we are proud to be an installer for AeroSeal, one of the most durable, effective, and complete duct sealing services ever created. AeroSeal uses cutting edge technology to seal off everything from hairline cracks to small gaps that are allowing air to escape, and the entire process is computer controlled to ensure you receive the best possible results. Duct sealing can make your new HVAC equipment perform to the best of its abilities and even extend the lifespan of your older equipment by allowing it to funnel more of the air it produces to your home where it belongs. And it does all of this for an extremely cost-effective price—studies have shown that sealing your air ducts saves by far the most energy, making it the most efficient thing you can do to save energy.

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How It Works

The AeroSeal service is extremely popular because it can be done quickly, leaves very little room for error, and is entirely computer-controlled for optimal results. Our team will bring a specialized machine to your home that distributes the AeroSeal duct sealant throughout your system using your main HVAC system. The machine also features sensitive equipment that measures air pressure throughout your ducts and uses this information to determine the location and size of any leaks that may exist in your duct network.

Once the process is complete, the inside of your ducts will be evenly coated with a specialized lining made of polymers and a number of other chemicals that dry into a solid, sealed layer. This layer is hypo-allergenic, mold-resistant, and solid to prevent air from escaping as much as possible. Once the process is complete, the average home sees its average air loss reduced from 25-40% to as low as 2%!

What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect from the AeroSealing process. Before we arrive, we’ll ask you to collect a little bit of information and take a few extra proactive steps to prepare your home. First, we’ll need you to count up and confirm the total number of supply registers (air ducts that pull air back to your HVAC system) and air grills (ducts that distribute conditioned air throughout your home). This is important, and it’s important to make sure you look closely to get this number right—some registers and vents are located under furniture, in closets, or even in the ceiling overhead.

We’ll also ask you to complete the following steps:

  • Clear a path to your furnace/air handler, your register locations, and any exposed ductwork you may be able to access
  • Cover any bird cages
  • Move/secure any pets that may get in the way of the service
  • Make sure you have access to four different outlets on four different electrical circuits available. We will most likely be running extension cords to different rooms
  • Assure your security system and smoke detectors are in the “off” or “standby mode”

On the day of the sealing appointment, we will need to be able to park a trailer as close to your air handler as possible, whether that be near the front door, side door, garage, or back door. Please let us know if you will need access to one of these areas before we arrive. We will also need access to all rooms to take measurements, block registers, and assure we can control any overspray. We generally will arrive around 8:30 am to begin the process and will typically be in your home from anywhere between four to six hours, depending on the level of leakage the system finds.

Once the sealing service is complete, the AeroSeal system will print a completed certification of sealing that shows instantaneous results. The certificate will include the amount of detected leakage in your system before the process began and what your system registered in its final leakage pressure test. This allows you to see immediately how much you’ll save in terms of energy and money!

Make your HVAC system more efficient with a quality duct sealing service from American Mechanical! Contact us today.

Rave Reviews From Happy Customers

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  • “This is the third time Rich P. has come to my house for plumbing issues. Each time he has been very knowledgeable as well as pleasant. Rich also allowed me to watch him while he did the work and taught me as he performed the repairs. I have learned a lot about plumbing as a new homeowner all thanks to Rich. Thank you so much!” - K. Terry
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  • “The technician was completely thorough and professional. He explained the process and was very knowledgeable about the services he provided. I was shown pictures and given detailed pictures and information after the service was completed. I am extremely happy with the level of service I received today and previously. I will continue to use this company and I highly recommend this company to others! A side note for women…this company does what it says it will do and I never felt like I was being taken advantage of.” - Pamela J.
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