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Is the air in your home as clean as you think? Odds are, it probably isn’t. In fact, the air in the average home is several times worse than the air outside, and contains things like odor particles, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pollen, dust, and so much more. While your air filter is responsible for catching many of these contaminants, it can only do so much, particularly against contaminants that are smaller than the fibers of the filter itself. If you find that the air quality in your home is suffering for one reason or another, American Mechanical can help: we’re proud to be an installer of the REME HALO® in-duct air purifier. This unique and effective air purification technology eliminates a wide variety of airborne debris and particulate matter, giving you better quality of life and improved peace of mind.

How the REME HALO® Works

The REME HALO® is a whole-home air purifier that is installed directly into the ductwork of your HVAC system. When the compact unit turns on, it produces ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules that then enter the air stream flowing through your duct system. These molecules quickly disperse into every cubic foot of air throughout your home, eventually coming in contact with airborne inclusions. When this contact happens, the ion breaks down and destroys the contaminant, rendering it inert and preventing it from harming you or your home. It also passes a charge off to all of the particulate matter in the air, and opposite-charged particles stick to each other, increasing in size and making them easier for your HVAC air filter to capture.

Is REME HALO® Dangerous for My Health?

The REME HALO® system creates ozone that makes your system work, and this often worries some people. Is it toxic or harmful to breathe the created ions in any sort of large quantity? The answer is a resounding “no.” The created particles are harmless to you, your loved ones, and any pets you may have. The overwhelming majority of these particles will quickly bond to any microscopic particles in the air, and that means they’ll find their way into your HVAC filter.

Does REME HALO® Capture Bacteria & Viruses?

Yes! The REME HALO® air filtration system has been tested and proven to help capture microscopic organisms like bacteria and viruses. This means the REME HALO® is adept at helping you avoid illnesses, particularly airborne ones, and can even help you stay protected in the event of a public health emergency.

A brief note about COVID-19: The REME HALO® system has not been tested for its ability to filter and remove airborne Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) particles. While RGF Environmental Group, Inc., the manufacturer of the REME HALO®, has been seeking testing partners in both the United States and China, the limited number of facilities means they have been unable to verify effectiveness against this particular virus. However, RGF claims they have tested their system with similar viruses, and they have seen and verified a 99+% reduction in those viruses. Many of these virus types have been of similar structure, meaning there is strong reason to believe that REME HALO® should also be effective against COVID-19. RGF Environmental Group has a history of producing some of the best-performing air quality and filtration systems on the market, and even has product lines found in hospitals around the world.

Quality Filtration, Outstanding Price

For a limited time, American Mechanical is pleased to offer the REME HALO® whole-home air purification system for an outstanding and highly-affordable cost: $850, including parts and installation. This investment in your home could be the key to total peace of mind, unparalleled safety and security, and better-quality air than what you believed your home to have.

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